Dating an albanian man

Posted on by Lucka Pokorna MARGARET

Albanians are very old fashioned and traditional; they place an emphasis on family and everything they do revolves around it. The men are hospitable and generous, but keep...


Meet professional singles

Posted on by Whorror

London is a dynamic city, filled with fascinating people. Yet finding them and the time to meet them is a familiar difficulty for many London singles. With long hours and...


What are the 5 stages of hookup

Posted on by Sydney Borso

This is a very short and simple read about the different levels of relationships you could establish with the women you meet. Maybe her personality was god...


My Wife Is A Bisexual

Posted on by Ric Weidner

As a boy, I was called the sorts of names that still echo in my mind some plus years later. The one used as a weapon against boys who don't...

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  • Milf

    Posted on by Ilovecorn97 CASANDRA

    You don't oblige to create it penniless but it's every delight to jot the chronicle and complete it missing...